The Rise of Online Car Dealers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


The growing trend of online shopping has permeated into the car dealership business. Car buyers are not only researching their future car purchases online, but buying them online as well. In fact many car dealerships are turning their focus to this new market in order to keep up with the growing trend. Here is what they are doing to increase their profits online and keep up with the growing appeal of online car shopping.

Online Only Deals

Online car dealers understand that potential buyers are usually visiting their websites in order to do some basic research about the car they are looking to buy. In order to promote the purchase of the car directly from the site these websites usually offer lower prices or other types of bargains if the purchase is made through the website. This is done in order to tempt the potential purchaser away from just researching the vehicle and actually into buying it.

Most car dealerships also have a dedicated staff whose only job is to sell and advertise cars online. This drastically helps the dealership’s online sales. By promoting deals through the multitude of social media sites in order to reach as many customers as possible, they are able to increase their online profits.

Personal Disconnect

Buying a car online has hurt car dealerships in that they are not able to make personal connections with their customers, as they had done so often in the past. The best car salespeople are able to make the customer feel good about buying a car from them, which more often than not, fuels repeat visits to their dealership. The rise of online car dealers has put a strain on these personal connections.

In order to maintain this important connection with their customers online car dealerships offer their customers easy ways for them to communicate any questions and leave feedback about their experience on the website. Most sites will also have a page dedicated to their staff with pictures and short bios to personalize the car buying experience.

One-Stop Shop

Not only can you purchase a car online you can also get financed through the website as well. This greatly cuts down on the time spent purchasing a car because you can do it all online and through the website rather quickly and easily.

A New Age

The men and women who own and run car dealerships have energetically recognized the growing market of online car sales. They have embraced the online market and have evolved their business strategies in order to profit the most from it. This ultimately benefits both the buyer and the seller making the process of buying a car relatively hassle free.

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