The Signs You’ll Need Front Brake Service in White Bear Lake MN

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Auto Repair


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Many people drive their vehicles without understanding the basics of what they’ll need to look for to have any necessary repairs done. Even though it drives just fine off the lot, it’s going to need some repairs eventually as the parts wear down. It’s important for a person to understand what to listen for so they’ll know when to have their brakes repaired. Knowing the sounds can actually save the vehicle owner quite a bit of money on front brake service in White Bear Lake MN as repairing at the first sign of an issue is far less expensive and requires fewer parts to be replaced.

Squealing Sound

The first sound a person will notice is a high-pitched squealing sound. The brake pads are made of a metal piece covered by ceramic in most cases. When the ceramic wears down, the metal is used to stop the vehicle, which causes the squealing sound. This sound gets worse as it’s ignored, but eventually changes to a grinding sound. If the person takes their vehicle to the mechanic when they hear the squealing, a simple brake job is needed where the mechanic will replace the brake pads. This is typically inexpensive and won’t take long to do.

Grinding Sound

If the vehicle owner ignores the squealing, they will eventually start to hear a grinding sound. This is the metal piece left from the brake pads scraping against the rotor, wearing it away. The first time this happens, if it’s caught in time, the rotor may be able to be turned or sanded. However, if it’s ignored for too long or it happens more than once, the person will need to purchase a new rotor along with the new brake pads, which can be significantly more expensive.

If these are ignored, the brakes could fail completely, meaning the person won’t be able to stop when they need to. It’s essential to seek a mechanic for Front Brake Service in White Bear Lake MN as soon as the squealing sound is noticed so the vehicle owner can save money and ensure their vehicle is able to brake properly. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment to have your brakes checked.

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