Three Common Conditions Commonly Treated By A Chiropractor In Ferguson

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


When a person has pain in their neck and back, it can make doing simple things such as walking and sitting uncomfortable. These injuries can occur when a person lifts something the wrong way. When a person is in pain, they often take pain medication to alleviate the pain. Since pain medications can be addicting, many doctors will refer their patients to a Chiropractor in Ferguson. What many people don’t know is that there are other conditions a chiropractor can treat.

Migraine Headaches

Unfortunately, there are is no cure for migraine headaches. These types of headaches can be debilitating. When most people suffer from migraine headaches, light and noise can make the headaches worse. Nausea is also a common symptom of migraine headaches. Studies have shown that chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy can treat the symptoms and frequency of migraine headaches.

Pregnancy Pain

Many women suffer from back pain during the later stages of their pregnancies. Some women try yoga and some use pregnancy pillows to help alleviate the pain. If these methods don’t work and since pain medication is not an option, a visit to the chiropractor is a great option. Studies have shown that regular visits to the chiropractor can help with the back pain and it is perfectly safe for the baby.

Car Accident Injuries

When a person is in a car accident, whiplash is a very common injury. Whiplash occurs when the neck is forced forward or backward violently. Right after an accident, most people won’t have any whiplash symptoms. They often occur within 24 hours of the injury. If the whiplash isn’t treated, it is possible to suffer from long-term problems. The best way to keep this from happening is to see a chiropractor. When a professional realigns the spine, it will treat the condition, preventing pain in the future.

When a person suffers from chronic neck or back pain, medication is not always the best option. A Chiropractor in Ferguson can realign the spine to alleviate the pain without the danger of becoming addicted to prescription pain relievers. Also, pain medications have many side effects that can leave the individual feeling groggy. There are no side effects associated with chiropractic treatments. If a person is in pain, they should Click Here for more information.

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