Three Necessary Classes to Take for Beauty School in Kansas City

Posted By : Alex , on Feb, 2015


Before anyone can pass their exam and become a licensed cosmetologist, they must first pass their beauty school classes. It is not as simple as being able to pick up a pair of scissors and cut someone’s hair. A beauty technician must be well-versed in not only hair-cutting, but also the world of nails and skin, and how to properly manage and maintain each. There are three necessary classes to take for Beauty School in Kansas City.

The Introductory Course

The beginner course required for beauticians is the introductory course, also called New Talent. There will be talk of theory and how the hair, skin, and nails need to be maintained and different types and textures that must be taken care of properly. Only after students learn about these things will they actually receive hands-on learning where they get to practice their skills.

The Business Course

Being a cosmetologist is not as easy as doing someone’s nails. There is a business side that needs to be learned as well. The business course, referred to as Designer 1, teaches potential beauticians how to manage their business, work in retail, and retain their customers. Customer service skills are a must since students in this class will one day be speaking to actual customers and working in a real business.

The Preparatory Course

In order to be fully prepared for not only the upcoming state exam, but also the potential employment opportunities, everyone dreaming of becoming a licensed cosmetologist must first complete the preparatory course, also known as Designer II. This course will teach advanced skills, prepare students for their board testings, and even assist with resume writing and interviewing to prepare them for the workforce.

Once all three of these classes are completed, students will finally be ready to take their big test and enter the world of cosmetology. By taking an introductory course to learn the basics, a business course to improve customer service skills, and a preparatory course to provide all the knowledge necessary to enter the working world, students will go from a basic hair-cutting enthusiast to a true stylist. Attending Beauty School in Kansas City is all one needs to become the professional they want to be. Potential beauty school applicants can learn more here.

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