Three Services You Can Get Done by a Cosmetic Dentist in Your Area

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2021


Cosmetic dentistry is a field of services that exist to help improve each client’s self-image in dentistry. An individual can receive a variety of services from a cosmetic dentist in Lakeview. The following are examples of three such services.

Bridges are amazing items that a cosmetic dentist in Lakeview can give to someone who has a gap or space. They consist of crowns that connect to adjacent teeth and form a real-looking tooth where space exists. You may be interested in getting a bridge if you have a missing tooth from an accident or extraction.

Invisalign is a revolutionary corrective system that serves as an alternative to traditional braces. Many people get Invisalign because of its high level of discretion and a greater level of comfort. The system uses plastic aligners instead of braces and brackets. You might be interested in speaking to a professional about Invisalign if you have a mild to medium malalignment issue that you need to tend to.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening services are some of the more basic services that a cosmetic dental specialist can provide. You may be interested in getting your teeth whitened if you’ve noticed that they’ve dulled over the years from smoking or drinking coffee and tea. You can choose from several types of whitening treatments. Some are done in the office, and some are designed for you to use at home after your office visit. Speak to a reputable cosmetic dentist about your options. Contact Family Dental Care for information on cosmetic dentistry services just for you.

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