Tips for Overcoming a Fear of Dentists in Oklahoma City OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Most patients don’t exactly enjoy their routine visits to the dentist, but for those who suffer from serious dental anxiety, even routine visits can be a nightmare. Fully 20% of Americans experience enough anxiety about dental appointments that they don’t head to the office unless they have to, which can have a substantial negative impact on their oral health. Readers who are looking for ways to deal with their fear of Dentists in Oklahoma City OK can read on to find a few helpful tips that have helped others get over their anxieties.

Find the Right Dentist

Some dentists specialize in treating patients who experience dental anxiety. These dentists are often willing to make accommodations to ensure that their patients feel comfortable and have a positive experience. Look for an office that offers sedation dentistry to patients with extreme phobias, as these offices will be able to offer medications that can help to lessen their patients’ anxieties.

Bring a Companion

It’s often possible to bring a friend or family member to dental appointments, which can allow patients to have the support and assurance of a loved one to help them combat their fears. Be sure to find someone who does not experience similar dental anxieties, though, and check with the dentist first to see if this support person will be able to enter the exam room.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing can be extremely helpful for patients who need a little bit of help staying calm during their dental treatments. Practice controlled breathing in advance so that it is easier to remember the training when the appointment rolls around.

Schedule Appointments for Morning

It’s a good idea for those who are afraid of Dentists in Oklahoma City OK to schedule their appointments for the morning. This will allow them to spend less time dwelling on their fears and may leave them feeling calmer during the appointment itself as well.

Get Started Today

Want to find a dental office that is willing to accommodate patients’ dental anxieties and phobias? Check out our website to learn more about one comprehensive dental practice that offers sedation dentistry in addition to a wide variety of traditional procedures.

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