Top 3 Signs That Garage Door Repair Homewood is Needed

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Most people don’t give any thought to Garage Door Repair Homewood until the garage door stops functioning. However, this approach can mean people are left with no use of their garage door while waiting for repairs. The best approach to garage door repair is to keep an eye out for the telltale signs that trouble is on the way and get the door fixed before it stops functioning completely. Here are the top three tips that a garage door might be having problems.

Slower Than Usual

Is the garage door moving more slowly than usual when it’s opening and closing? That can be a sign of several problems, all of which are very fixable if they’re tackled early enough. Sometimes, it might require replacement of just a single key part. In the worst cases, it might require a new motor for the opener. No matter what the issue is, it’s always best to call for help as soon as the garage door starts slowing down to a noticeable degree.

Erratic Movements

Is the garage door acting erratically? This can include making jerky movements or appearing to have occasional hitches while in motion. A Garage Door Repair in Homewood specialist can diagnose the exact problem very easily. A small piece & like a bracket, may have fallen off or become loose which, in turn, causes the uneven movement. Over time, this can cause uneven wear as well as damage to the other parts of the garage door. It’s much easier to fix it before the erratic movement becomes a total lack of movement.

Sensor Problems

Many people never even look at the sensors on their garage door, but it’s important to do a quick visual scan from time to time. In most garage door models, the sensors should always be green. If one or more of the sensors is red, that indicates some type of interference. Sometimes, this will be accompanied by noticeable issues with the functionality of the garage door, but not always. Therefore, the sensors can act as a kind of early warning system that something is amiss. To learn more about Garage Door Repair Homewood, Browse the website for A Better Door & Window today.

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