Using a Medical Diet Program in Louisville, KY to Overcome Obesity

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


The Centers for Disease Control reports approximately one-third of all adults in America is now obese. Obesity puts a person at risk of numerous medical problems, including stroke, heart disease and cancer. Often, people turn to fad diets in an effort to take off excess weight, yet dieting and gaining the weight back only to repeat the cycle again….again, can be dangerous for a person’s health. In fact, women who repeatedly diet and put the weight back on have fewer white blood cells in their body, putting them more at risk of diseases, including cancer. For this reason, individuals looking to lose weight should consider following a medical Diet Program in Louisville KY.

A medical Diet Program in Louisville KY is an eating plan that may be followed for life, often used in conjunction with supplements or weight loss products to help the person achieve their desired goal. Some individual benefits from the HCG Medical Weight Loss Plan, yet others find they have more success with the Burn and Boost Weight Loss Program. As each person differs in their goals and needs, the clinic works to find the right program for each patient, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Regardless of the person’s goals, every program works to reduce the amount of excess body fat the person has, increasing their life expectancy in the process. Although weight requirements vary based on the person’s gender, height and build, the aim of the program is to bring the person’s body mass index into the desired range. A specific weight doesn’t need to be reached, as long as this goal is attained, and InShapeMD ( can be of help with this.

InShapeMD brings together a wellness team, as opposed to one committed to treating illness. This team works to help patients better manage their health, whether it be through weight loss, an anti-aging program or nutritional information and advice. All services are medically supervised to ensure the optimal results and are delivered in a boutique wellness setting in a clinic. Contact the facility today to learn more about the programs offered and how they may be of help to you. Visit the Website for more information.

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