Using An Exterminator In Baltimore MD To Remove Ants From The Home

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


When someone notices an abundance of ants walking throughout their home, they will want to work quickly in having them removed. Most people will hire an Exterminator in Baltimore MD to handle the eradication of an ant infestation. When ants are removed, keeping them from returning can be done with deterrents and household improvements.

Cleaning the home is very important to keep not just ants, but other insects and rodents from using the area as a food source. Clean down all counter tops after meal preparations. Place leftovers in a sealed container and store in a refrigerator. Vacuum all carpeting to remove any crumbs from floors. Use a bleach solution to do cleaning as it will cover up any scent left behind by ants. Ants will leave a trail for their comrades to follow to a food source.

Make sure to seal up all entryways to the home so ants cannot make their way inside. Take a look at the exterior siding and fill in any cracks or crevices with caulk. Bigger holes can be filled in with pieces of steel wool before covering with flashing. Any gaps under doors can be filled in with door sweeps. Drawing a line with chalk on the ground by door entryways will keep ants from entering. They tend to shy away from chalk and talc.

If there is a woodpile in the yard, consider moving it further away from the home, so ants don’t make their way toward the structure. Make sure to inspect wood pieces thoroughly before bringing them into the home. Do not store the wood for any length of time in the home. Burn it immediately after transporting inside.

Smaller infestations can be controlled with over the counter pest control products. Using sprays or bait traps may be effective in ridding the home of ants. For larger numbers, an Exterminator in Baltimore MD can be called into remove ants in their entirety. They will use powerful pesticides to kill ants immediately. Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. for further information on how to remove ants from the home effectively and quickly.

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