Various Types of Roller Mills in Oregon

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Tools & Equipment


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A roller mill is used to grind or crush material. In agricultural applications, the most common use of a roller mill is to produce wheat flour. This mill is an alternative to a traditional grist mill. Roller Mills in Oregon rely on cylinders to grind raw grains into flours or separate the kernel from the shaft.

Two Basic Types

Cylinders can be rolled against flat plates to crush the grain. They can be set up in opposing pairs to grind the crop. Mills can be adjusted to alter the consistency of the final product. Roller Mills in Oregon are available in many different sizes to accommodate the volume of grain to be processed and operator preferences.


The mills that utilize opposing cylinders can be configured in two, four, and six-cylinder models. Course grain is the end result of a two-cylinder machine. The texture of the grain will become finer if it goes through two or three separate pairs of cylinders.


Any size or variation of a roller mill will be expensive. The process is simple but finely tuned for precision and consistency. Financing for new equipment, or taking that amount of money out of the business capital may not be feasible at the time a roller mill needs replacing. Purchasing used equipment is a viable alternative.

Custom solutions to issues with the machine are offered by experienced grain storage and processing companies. Repairs may prolong the life of the current machine until a replacement can be afforded. Professional millwright services are available to reinforce seams or replace a small section of the machine. Business owners can get more information to explore the possibilities of repairs over replacement.

Other Services

All types of grain processing mills are sold, repaired, and serviced. Grain storage solutions range from small air-tight containers to custom designed and newly constructed buildings and silos. Mechanisms for keeping grain dry, pest resistant, and safe from the elements are offered as well. Discover ways to get the most from crops and hard work by consulting with professionals in the industry. Protect the investment of the business with high-quality mills and storage.

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