VMI Programs for OEM Fasteners and Assembly Components

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jun, 2020


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is an exceptional powerful method of fulfilling orders and performing inventory management activities. Extensive coordination occurs within VMIs between customers, suppliers, distributors, OEMs, retailers, and end product users. If you are looking for a way to bring down costs in the areas of procurement, purchasing, accounting, inventory, sourcing, freight, and receiving, or to improve the process of your supply chain, you may benefit from a VMI consultation. At Class C Components, we provide highly effective vendor managed inventory solutions. Minnesota customers can benefit significantly from our VMI capabilities for OEM fasteners and assembly components.

Features of VMI
We are a top vendor managed Inventory services provider involving scanning technology for iPhones that benefits VMI fastener and industry product programs. Before we leave your facility, orders may be scanned and sent to your iPhone and to your list of customer contacts. We provide a scanning (procurement) representative in addition to inside sales representatives (lead and backup) for our customers.

VMI Goals and Advantages
The objective and benefits of vendor managed inventory solutions are many. Enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain for suppliers and customers is one goal and benefit. Within this process, the information flow is increased, which significantly helps businesses, allowing for enhanced sales numbers, services, and inventory turns.

Preserving Your Base of Customers
Retaining your customers is vital. This is achieved by effective synchronization with our OEM partnership through preparing estimates, evaluating transition factors, setting reasonable expectations, implementing and measuring, and verifying and reviewing.

Subsequent VMI Program Evaluation
After the implementation of your VMI program, our team is able to carry out an extensive evaluation at specified intervals or one, two, and three months. The review, which lasts throughout the VMI programs, we provide any potential fastener and other VMI product additions, maximum and minimum levels for revisions, and location changes.

We Service These Product Groups
The services we offer through our VMI solutions system cover products such as shipping supplies, abrasive cutting tools, electrical supplies, safety products, janitorial items, MRO supplies, adhesive tape, custom fabricated parts, fasteners, and parts kits.

VMI Consultation
As your premier vendor managed inventory solutions source in Minnesota, we offer VMI consultations to help you achieve your goals pertaining to enhancing your supply chain process and reducing your freight and inventory costs.

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