What Do Homeowners Need to Know About Foundation Repair Service in Fairfax County VA?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


The foundation of the home is the most crucial element for ensuring the home is sound and secure. Unfortunately, foundational shifts can occur, causing the need for foundation repair service in Fairfax County VA. It is important homeowners are proactive and have their foundation inspected on a regular basis so they can be sure damage is not occurring. With this information, homeowners will know what they should look for to determine if their foundation needs repair.

There are many signs that can alert a homeowner of foundation damage:

* Cracks in the exterior brick, concrete, or block foundation may occur. Cracks may run along the mortar joints. Cracks can also occur in bricks inside the home.

* When there are foundation issues, the flooring in a home will be sloped and uneven. The floor may separate from the walls and can become buckled.

* A sure sign of foundation problems is when doors and windows seem to become stuck and will not open properly. This sign will most often occur on the lower levels of a home.

* Should the walls begin separating from the home, it is important one calls for Foundation Repair Service in Fairfax County VA since this can lead to catastrophic damage in the home.

* If there are spaces between the walls and the ceiling or the walls and the flooring, this likely means the foundation is shifting and needs to be repaired right away, before further damage occurs.

* Rotation in the walls will lead to splitting, peeling, cracking and shrinking. This is an issue that should never be ignored it or it will only continue to worsen.

* When the moldings of a home begin to pull away from the walls or crack, the foundation may be to blame. Homeowners need to monitor their homes for signs of this type of damage.

If your home is exhibiting any of these signs of foundation problems, it is crucial they are addressed right away. If you are in need of foundation repair and would like to learn more about your options and cost, contact us. With prompt attention, foundation issues can be repaired so a home does not continue to experience damage.

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