What Features Matter in Fire Fighter Boots?

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on May, 2019


There is no doubt that the right boots can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing if you are a fire fighter. Your feet need to be ready to go, in good condition and dry at all times. Yet, not all fire fighter boots are going to offer the same level and quality of reliability that you need. That can be a big problem. You do not want your feet to distract you or to become a problem for you while you are facing life changing circumstances. Know what features matter the most when choosing your boots, then.

The Right Combination of Protection

Some of the best fire fighter boots are those designed to provide a wide range of coverage. They should be structural and wildland. They should also meet USAR and HAZMAT requirements. Some boots meet all of these requirements. You also want to be sure they are NFPA certified. If a boot does not claim to have this certification, it is likely not the right type of boot for your needs. You want those that are compliant but those that do more than just meet that level.

Finding the Better Features

Some of the best boots for fire fighters are those that are highly texted and approved. They need to have features that support your foot properly while also keeping it dry. Some of the best are designed to be highly reliable and can last for years.

Learn as much as you can about the fire fighter boots you are thinking about purchasing. The highest quality is those that you can trust to work well for years to come. You do not want to have to think about your feet. You want to know that they are protected so you can do the best job possible.

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