When to Call for Spiders Control Service in El Dorado Hills CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Throughout the country, many people are afraid of spiders, even the ones that aren’t harmful. Evidence of poisonous spiders on a residential property may indicate a need for Spiders Control Service in El Dorado Hills CA. It’s good to learn a little about the species of poisonous spiders that live in this region so that residents aren’t alarmed at the sight of a spider that is harmless.

For instance, the possibility of a brown recluse spider hiding in the house or garage and biting somebody may provoke anxiety. However, brown recluse species are not known to live in northern California, making an infestation very unlikely. Some live in the southern California desert, but this particular type of brown recluse isn’t as poisonous as counterparts in other areas of the country.

Black widow spiders can be found in and around El Dorado Hills. This is the one type of spider to be wary of in the region. They usually stay outside, but people can get bitten when reaching for a piece of wood in the woodpile or for a garden tool in a dark shed.

Even if no poisonous spiders are in evidence, homeowners don’t necessarily appreciate having biting spiders living in the house. A Spiders Control Service in El Dorado Hills CA can inspect the property and identify problems.

Spiders that hang around out in the open on ceilings, counters and floors usually aren’t dangerous and don’t even bite. It’s the ones that hide in corners, behind things and in dark spaces that tend to be more problematic. Even if they aren’t dangerous, they still may not be welcome inside a home.

For example, sac spiders are relatively common. Their bites can cause swelling, redness and irritation, but it’s usually no worse than a bad mosquito bite. These spiders tend to hide behind bookshelves and picture frames. A person might get bitten when grabbing something from the shelf. If it seems like there is an actual infestation of these critters, professional pest control service can help. Anyone who is looking to tackle a problem with spiders in the house may want to Contact 49er Termite & Pest Control for professional assistance.

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