White, Yellow or Rose? How to Choose When Shopping at Gold Jewelry Stores in Worcester, MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Gold has remained a valuable possession for centuries because of its ability to remain beautiful, not corrode or be easily damaged. Its value continues to rise because there is a finite amount available around the world. Its versatility for jewelry purposes is unmatched, and it looks beautiful with all gems. The most difficult choice when shopping for gold jewelry is whether to purchase white, rose or yellow gold.

The Glow of Yellow

Yellow gold is a mix of gold with other metals like copper, sliver, and zinc. The karat number is based on how much of the mix is gold. Gold that is 24 karat, will contain the most purest amount of gold, but it will also be the softest as well. This means it will dent and scratch easier than a lower karat. The least expensive is 10 karat gold and it is durable and affordable, but its color is also paler than higher karats. Yellow gold compliments dark skin tones best, but some people prefer not to pair it with white diamonds because they feel it reflects off the stone and reduces its brilliance.

The Brightness of White

White gold is created when yellow gold is plated with the precious metal rhodium. Gold Jewelry Stores in Worcester MA offer replating services because the plating can wear off over time. White gold looks beautiful with many stone colors, and it keeps white diamonds sparkling brilliantly. Many shoppers choose white gold over platinum because it is more affordable and does not scratch as easily.

The Romance of Rose

Rose gold looks beautiful on all skin types. The soft pink color of rose gold is considered very feminine and romantic. A higher amount of copper is used to make the gold appear pink. Many people prefer this softer color for their jewelry, but it is important to note that the high level of copper in the mix means that rose gold is not hypoallergenic.

Gold Jewelry Stores in Worcester MA usually provide their jewelry in a variety of gold colors for all of their designs. This makes it easy for every shopper to try on each of the colors to determine what they like the best. Some pieces even include rose, yellow and white together, so the customer can have it all. Visit Cormier Jewelers to learn more about gold and to see the beautiful accessories now available.

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