Why You Should Pick the Best Criminal Attorney in Chicago

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Lawyer


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Criminal cases can get really complicated. Even the cases that you dismiss as trivial can turn out to be very difficult to win. However, knowing how to handle criminal charges can be such a great relief. At least the best way to do it is by investing in the Best Criminal Attorney Chicago service. They offer their services on court hearings, appeal, plea bargaining and even probation proceedings.

When to seek a criminal attorney

DUI and traffic

Drunken driving in most states can result in suspension or withdrawal of your license. Again, speeding will also earn you a ticket and most of them are quite expensive. Arguing against such charges will not help when you are on your own. John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. & Associates practitioners are thus essential as they work towards lowering or getting your charges dismissed.

Restraining injunctions

While most people associate them with family feuds, you could also find yourself in such a situation in business or in cases where you have rowdy neighbors. In such a case, you should work with such an attorney to file for a restraining order.

Assault and sex crimes

Regardless of the nature of the case, rape and pornography can send you behind bars for many years. Experienced lawyers always advise that you seek legal counsel of an attorney who is skilled in handling sex crimes. This way, you can be sure that there will be a fair trial and settlement for the case.

In any criminal offense case, the role of the lawyer is to gather evidence and also interpret the law as it is in your state. In case you go to court, they play the important role of ensuring that your rights are not violated during the trial. This is part of the responsibility they take in ensuring that there is a fair trial.

John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. & Associates understand that criminal cases can be quite overwhelming. You may not have the energy leave alone the skills to handle such issues. This is why they give you the Best Criminal Attorney Chicago defense counsel. They have the relevant skills that allow them to handle the case with professionalism. You can thus be certain that the case will work in your favor. For more information visit.

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