Your Questions Answered About Single Stream Recycling In CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Recycling household waste is an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to help the environment. Recycling facilities that offer single stream recycling services makes it even easier for people to recycle. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn information about the recycling process and Recycling CT area facilities.

Q.) What should individuals know about single stream recycling and its benefits?

A.) Many recycling facilities require that individuals sort their recyclable materials into separate containers. Single stream recycling allows individuals to place all of their recyclable materials into one bin. These items include paper, plastic, aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans and glass jars. The facility does ask all individuals to rinse out jars, cans and bottles before placing them into the recycling bin. Dirty cardboard food containers, such as pizza boxes, will not be accepted and neither will other soiled or dirty containers. Individuals who recycle benefit from single stream recycling because it offers convenience. It’s much easier and quicker to place all recyclables into one bin without having to place them in separate containers. One recycling container also takes up less space. This type of recycling also helps the environment because more people will recycle when the process is simplified.

Q.) Are there certain types of items that aren’t accepted at the recycling facility?

A.) Items that aren’t allowed in the single stream recycling bins include electronics, plastic grocery sacks, foam coolers, household trash and food scraps. Individuals should not put window glass, candle glass, windshields or ceramic items into the recycling container. Other unacceptable items include clothes, pillows and furniture. Yard debris, such as leaves and sticks, is not allowed in the recycle bin. Debris from construction sites and renovations can be recycled through bulk waste recycling. Acceptable items include drywall, tires, brick, wood, mattresses, concrete and steel. Individuals who have any questions about recyclable items should contact a Recycling CT area facility.

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