3 Important Questions To Ask Before Signing A Contract With A Company That Specializes In Residential Snow Removal In Boulder, CO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Winters in Boulder can be brutal. On average, the city gets about 95 inches of snow each year. This means that homeowners will spend a large part of their winter shoveling walkways and driveways. Many homeowners dread the thought of shoveling after snow, so they hire a company that specializes in residential snow removal Boulder, CO. Before a homeowner hires a snow removal service, there are a few questions they should ask first.

What Services Do They Provide?

Before the homeowner hires a snow removal in Boulder, CO company, they should find out what services the company provides. There are some companies that will simply plow the driveway and move to their next client. If the homeowner also wants their walkways shoveled and the driveway sanded, they would need to make sure the company they sign with provides those services as well.

How Many Clients Does the Company Currently Have?

While it is a red flag to work with a company that has very few clients, working with a company with too many clients can also be a problem. If the company has too many clients, it can be several hours before the plow gets to the individual’s home. Not only should the homeowner find out how many clients the company has, but they should also find out how many trucks they have on the road at the same time. This will let the customer know whether the company can handle their job as well.

Consider the Cost

Before selecting a snow removal company, the homeowner should get quotes from a few companies. According to Costhelper.com, the average cost for a two-car driveway of average length is $30. For a longer driveway or a driveway that is gravel rather than concrete, plowing can end up costing more. When choosing a snow removal company, the homeowner should choose the one with the lowest cost that is close to the average.

If a homeowner wants to make their winters easier on themselves, they should consider hiring a company that specializes in residential snow removal Boulder, CO. Before signing a contract, the homeowner should ask each of the questions listed above. For a quote from an excellent snow removal company in the area, contact Wards Lawn Service or visit Wardslawn.com.

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