3 Reasons to Consider Seeing a San Francisco Fertility Specialist

by | May 23, 2023 | Healthcare


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Fertility issues occur commonly among women in the United States, but there are different options couples should consider before giving up. Maintaining positivity and seeking professional assistance could be beneficial. However, giving up should never be your only choice.

Irregular Periods

There are various ways that irregular periods occur, from fewer or more days to skipped months or heavier and lighter menstrual flow. When it pertains to fertility, the fluctuating period could mean multiple things, including no ovulation taking place or irregular ovulation. Seeing a fertility specialist in San Francisco, CA could help get your system back on track or receive other options.

Multiple Miscarriages

A spontaneous loss of pregnancy could be the cause of a fetus that has yet to develop due to uterine problems, genetic abnormalities, hormonal disorders, and other health issues. If you experience multiple miscarriages, learning more about the causes and available treatments is best. However, even after numerous miscarriages, there are chances that your next pregnancy could be fine.

Discover a Variety of Resources

Sitting down with a fertility specialist could help you learn more about infertility and select solutions that suit you best. The education you receive might give you a better perspective and suggested resources like IVF, surrogacy, and donor egg/embryo to help on your fertility journey.

Do not assume professional assistance is too costly or less likely to work than traditional pregnancies and childbirth. Instead, schedule a visit with a

Laurel Fertility Care- San Francisco that has a team dedicated to working with you to overcome infertility.

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