4 Simple Tips to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


If you have a reputable plumber, he or she will want you to know how to treat your home’s plumbing so you don’t end up with an emergency. Great plumbers are as interested in an efficient, emergency-free system as you are. Some plumbing matters are unavoidable, such as repairs for ordinary wear and tear and the occasional backup. The things you do with your plumbing can go a long way in keeping your system in the best condition possible. Your Wilmette plumbing company has provided the following tips to keep your pipes running smoothly.

Don’t Pour Chemicals Down a Clogged Drain

If you have a stubborn clog, the best way to handle it is to remove the clog with proven plumbing methods, rather than try to dislodge it using harsh chemicals. Household drain uncloggers are made from dangerous chemicals that can be potentially deadly to you, your family and your pets. Also, these products are terrible for your pipes; they cause damage that will result in untimely erosion of your pipes and possibly cause a serious leak later on. In some cases, you may be able to take your sink’s pipes apart and remove the clog yourself. In others, your plumber can quickly and cost-effectively clear your drain.

If in Doubt, Don’t Flush

Most items are not good for your toilet’s pipe system, even if their labels say they are. The only thing you should be flushing down your toilet besides human waste, says your Wilmette plumbing company, is toilet paper. Other items, such as feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes and disposable cleaning pads, can build up quickly in a toilet pipe and cause a serious blockage.

Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

You can avoid a great deal of hassle and expense by setting up periodic appointments with your plumber to check out your pipes. Your plumbing expert can check out the pipes inside your home, see how your hot water heater is running and inspect the pipes running to the main water line to ensure they are in good condition.

Know When to Call a Plumber

The majority of plumbing emergencies are too complex for the average homeowner to sort out. If you ignore an emergency, you may end up with costly damage later on. Call your Wilmette plumbing company right away if sewage starts to back up in your toilets and shower drains, if your hot water heater develops a leak or if any of your pipes burst.

Your Wilmette plumbing company experts know that if you take care of your pipes, they should last a long time. It is important to know when to call a Wilmette plumbing company for regular repairs and plumbing emergencies.

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