Questions to Ask Stone Suppliers in Nassau County, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


The idea of using some type of stone for the countertops in the kitchen is appealing, but the homeowner is not sure what to purchase. This is where the expertise of one of the Stone Suppliers Nassau County NY, will come in handy. By having a professional come out and look at the kitchen, the homeowner will have the chance to ask a few questions. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

What Would Look Good with the Rest of the Kitchen?

Part of the reason behind wanting new countertops is the old ones look awful with the newly painted walls and the floor tile that was just put in place. While the homeowner has some ideas about what colors would work, it always helps to get opinions from professionals. The chances are that the Stone Suppliers Nassau County NY, who show up, will have some samples to show the client. With the aid of those samples, it will not take long to find something that is just right in terms of appearance.

Which Stone Requires the Least Amount of Maintenance?

While stone is a great choice, some types will require more upkeep than others. For homeowners who want to give them a quick swipe and call the job done, a stone that is more resistant to staining and scratching is the best choice. A professional will be able to come up with several recommendations that fit neatly into what the owner is seeking.

How Much Will the Replacement Cost?

At some point in the conversation, it will be necessary to address the cost associated with the new countertops. Remember this includes the purchase of the materials plus the installation. Hopefully, the customer will identify more than one solution and be able to make the final decision based on a combination of the qualities plus the overall expense.

For homeowners who are ready to get started today, call the team at Renaissance Marble Works. A contractor will visit the home and provide some help in choosing the right color and stone for the job. Once the selection is made, an installation date can be set and the homeowner can look forward to enjoying the new look of the kitchen.

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