Caring For A Persian Rug in Westchester County NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


When someone purchases a Persian Rug in Westchester County NY for their home, keeping it looking like new is a concern. There are several steps to take to help to keep a Persian rug looking its best for as long as possible. Use the following steps to maintain a rug as needed.

Make Sure To Do Routine Cleanings

Keeping a Persian rug free of debris requires cleaning processes to be done every few days. This includes eliminating loose debris with the attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to hold the attachment away from the rug slightly so the material is not scraped during the procedure. Freshen the appearance of a Persian rug with a spritz of vinegar mixed with water. After application, simply blot the rug with a piece of clean cloth to remove any moisture left behind.

Position The Rug In The Right Location

To help keep a Persian rug clean, consider hanging it instead of draping it on a floor. This is a great way to see the rug in its entirety and the position makes it easier to do spot cleaning when needed. If the rug will be used on a floor, place it in a room where foot traffic is minimal. Keep the rug away from pets and small children as well.

Get Assistance If Damage Is Noticed

Avoid wearing shoes when walking on a Persian rug to reduce the likelihood of snags or rips. In addition, make it a priority to avoid eating and drinking in the area where the rug is located. When a portion of a Persian rug becomes damaged, immediate action is necessary to repair it before the flaw becomes larger in size or intensity. It is best to call a service to assist with snags, tears, or stains. A professional will assess the damage present and take the appropriate steps to repair it promptly.

When there is a need to repair a persian rug in Westchester County NY, finding the right business to assist is a must. Browse our website to find out more about the services we provide or to make an appointment for an evaluation of a damaged rug.

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