Commercial Roofing Contractors in Ft. Smith AK Provide TPO Roofs for Buildings

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2019


Some commercial buildings display TPO roofing membranes. TPO is short for thermoplastic polyolefin. This type of roofing material is made from a compound of synthetic rubber. Unlike other rubber compounds used for roofing, TPO can be fused.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

A TPO roofing system is often recommended for flat or low-slope roofs by commercial roofing contractors in Ft. Smith AK. One of the reasons why this type of roof is selected is its economical cost. This is because the roofing system offers energy efficiency and weldable seams at a reduced expense.

When commercial roofing contractors install TPO roofs, they may use one of several applications. For example, the roof can be mechanically attached or can be installed using a non-restrictive application. A non-restrictive application does not utilize adhesives and can be added year-round. A mechanical attachment is considered cost-efficient and quick, and can be installed throughout the year as well.

An Adhered Application

If you opt for an adhered application, this type of installation gives the roof a seamless appearance. Commercial roofing contractors add that an adhered application also offers maximum performance with respect to wind uplift.
In today’s roofing market, TPO is becoming an ideal alternative for commercial properties due to the covering’s highly reflectivity. The latest innovations also permit TPO roofing to be UV-resistant and therefore cooler overall.

A More Dependable Covering

Specialists at companies such as Tier 1 Contracting add that TPO roofs are resistant to mold, and are tear and puncture resistant as well. The membranes of this roofing material also allow for thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, this type of roof proves to be more reliable than other composite roofing products and materials.

The sheets used for TPO roof installations are broad and lightweight, which makes for an easier and more streamlined installation process. Having fewer seams also means less in the way of leaks. You save money on the roofing product as the labor and time for installing the roof is reduced. As a result, this type of roof is a good choice for flat and low-slope configurations where the property owner wants to save on costs. Visit website for commercial roofing contractors in Ft. Smith AK.

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