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One of the most difficult realizations a family can have is recognizing their elderly parent is no longer able to care for themselves. The family also knows their parent wants to remain in their own home for as long as possible. For many older people, one of their primary fears is being forced to live in a nursing home.

Keeping a Senior at Home

An Elderly Companion in Miami FL can provide the solution for this problem. Even if the senior has left their own home to live with an adult child, the primary caregiver may need to attend to other responsibilities and take some time off to recharge. However, in many cases, the senior is still living at home alone but needs assistance to be able to remain in the home they love.

Individualized Services and Care

Each senior will have unique challenges and needs. Before hiring a companion, it’s important to consider not only current but also future needs. Older people can become upset by too many changes to their daily routine. It’s crucial to know from the outset that the level of care can be changed as needed to accommodate worsening health or emergency.

Companion Care

Companionship is perhaps the most important service offered. Many older people become severely depressed because of loneliness.

Other services that can be provided include:

* Planning and preparation of tasty, nutritious meals

* Exercise, such as taking a walk together

* Transportation for appointments, errands, and social activities

* Light housekeeping

* Jogging the memory about birthdays, medications, and events

* Caring for pets and plants

* Respite care.

Personal Care

When a little more assistance is needed, services can be expanded to include:

* Help with bathing, grooming, and dressing

* Bathroom assistance

* Help with walking

* Assistance for those confined to wheelchairs and beds

* Respite care.

Skilled Nursing

Professional nurses provide many services, including:

* Monitoring overall health and vital signs

* Administering medications

* Caring for wounds, catheters, and colostomies

* Caring for those dependent on technology

* Catastrophic care.

ALC Home Health in Miami FL offers the compassionate, competent and experienced Elderly Companion in Miami FL that your loved one needs. If personal care or skilled nursing is required at a later time, that is always available.

Visit them online at to learn more.

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