Create A Great Look At Home With Functional Cannabis Packaging

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2020


For those who enjoy recreational marijuana in areas where it is legal, or those who use medical marijuana, having a way to store the flower is always a paramount concern.

Unfortunately, many of the various options in stash jars look great on a home display, but they do not provide optimal storage conditions. This can lead to mold problems, degradation of the quality of the marijuana, and an overall drop in the enjoyment of your favorite variety.

A close look at the types of functional yet eye-catching cannabis packaging used in dispensaries in your area can help you to determine what is available on the market. While not all manufacturers of stash jars sell to the public, there are some top US-based companies that offer reasonability priced containers and jars that are ideal for both home and dispensary use.

LED Lighting and Magnification

To add to your home cannabis packaging display, look for stash jars with built in LED lighting. Lighting adds a unique look to any display, but it also serves a functional and practical purpose as well.

By choosing cannabis packaging with lighting, there is no need to open the jar to look inside, helping to effectively preserve the contents without exposing the contents to the air and ambient humidity.

Clear sides to the stash jar, combined with a magnification lens, make it easy to see the contents. This is an ideal way to show off the colors, quality, and the unique features of your favorite strains.

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