Designing the perfect wine cellar

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2020


A wine collection has to be stored in facilities that are climate controlled in order to ensure it remains in peak condition. If a wine bottle is stored somewhere inappropriate, not only will the taste be ruined but so too will the investment of the collector.

A wine cellar is the ideal environment in which to store wine bottles and barrels as it provides protection for wines from swings in humidity and temperature as well as a number of other external influences such as too much light.

There are a number of options available in today’s market, including traditional wine cellar designs and more modern versions.

There are primarily two kinds of wine cellar, active-cooled wine cellars and passively-cooled wine cellars, the former using an automated climate-control system and the former having no such system but situated underground to guard against swings in temperature.

There are some conditions that can make or break a wine cellar. One of those conditions is vibration, which has been discovered as spoiling the aroma and flavor of wine as that energy actually gets passed into the process of chemical ageing.

Vibrating bottles prevents the sediments in the wine from separating from the liquid, lowering the levels of succinic and tartaric acid, the very chemicals that cause the lovely tastes of the likes of fruits and berries.

The temperature of a wine cellar should be between 7-18C to be ideal for storing and ageing wine long-term, and any variations in temperature should be gradual rather than sudden.

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