Divorce Lawyers in Allentown, PA, Help Clients Avoid Lengthy Trials

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


There’s really no such thing as a standard divorce. Every relationship is different, and therefore, every divorce will have some differences as well. While there are commonalities in divorce cases, a couple cannot expect their divorce to be like any of their friends’ or family members’. It’s critical to work with divorce lawyers in Allentown, PA, that understand how each client is a unique person and handles each of their cases accordingly.

The process typically starts with a consultation. In this meeting, a person who wants to get divorced will meet Conrad Attorneys and tell their lawyer about their assets, debts and current custody situation. An attorney may ask questions to determine whether there could be additional assets or debts their client doesn’t know or remember about, so those issues can be settled as well. If a client has special needs, such as protection orders or interim custody arrangements, it’s important to discuss those in the consultation as well.

After the consultation, the divorce lawyers in Allentown, PA, might start working on a settlement. When the couple, with the help of their attorneys, can agree on all the terms of their divorce, they might be able to avoid going to court, paying their attorneys a lot of money and potentially damaging their relationships with their children. Couples usually don’t get divorced when they get along well, but those who can put the hurt aside long enough to divide property and make a plan for their children might be happier throughout the process.

Divorcing spouses might find there are some issues they just aren’t willing to compromise on, and in these cases, mediation might be beneficial. Mediation is much less expensive than a trial and is more likely to result in a favorable outcome for everyone involved. Although angry spouses might rather take their husband or wife to court than sit across the table from them in mediation, this really is a more effective way to resolve a divorce quickly. When the goal is to end the marital relationship and move forward, a lengthy trial can only delay the divorce and leave each former spouse with less money in their pockets.

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