Eliminate Roofing Concerns Using a Residential Roofing Company in Nassau County NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


A leak in the roof can range from a mild annoyance to a severe threat to the property, although, the latter is much more common. Leaks occur for several reasons, but the most common are damaged or aging asphalt shingles. This is rarely the fault of the roofer. In fact, buying budget shingles is often a decision made by the homeowner and this could be due to them not understanding how cheaply these products can be made. The average, budget friendly, asphalt roof has a service life between ten and twenty-five years. The typical working life, however, is about ten to fifteen years. Thankfully, a residential roofing company in Nassau County NY can provide alternatives.

The first options that come to mind are also an asphalt product. These roofing solutions are known as laminated and composite shingles. Both of the products were created for durability, but each has a unique niche. That is, the composite shingles were designed to simulate a slate roof while the laminated ones are used for strength and durability. Laminated shingles are created with an extra layer of asphalt on the backside. This gives them more strength to resist high winds. Composite shingles place their extra layers on the top of the shingle, usually two to three additional layers to give the shingle depth and durability.

Another material that a Residential Roofing Company in Nassau County NY may suggest is metal roofing. Metal comes in several types from stamped steel to copper sheets. Of course, metal can be an expensive option, but the end results tend to be worth the expense. After all, the typical metal roof can last for many decades with very few required repairs. Contrast this with the typical budget roof that may last only fifteen years and one can easily see why metal is the roofing solution of choice. Another benefit that some metal roofing has over the other options is that it can be installed directly over an existing asphalt roof. This means no demolition and no rubbish to haul away. Of course, this option will depend on the current condition of the roof. Any existing leaks must be fixed before this solution is attempted. To learn more, contact the experts like those at North Shore Roofing And Siding Corp.

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