Evidence an Accident Injury Attorney in Milledgeville, GA Might Look For

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2019


Car accidents may be clear-cut and easy to determine who was at fault. In some cases, however, this can be more difficult because of how or where the accident occurred and who was involved. In these cases, an accident injury attorney in Milledgeville, GA may need to look for evidence to prove their client was the victim of the accident and is due compensation from the other driver. To do this, the attorney will look at a few different pieces of evidence.

Police Report for the Accident

If the accident is more than a minor fender-bender, it’s likely the police will be called to the scene of the accident. The officers at the scene will take a look at what happened and create a police report based on what the accident scene looks like and what they find out from those involved in the accident. This can help the attorney show their client did not cause the accident.

Photographs of the Accident Scene

Photographs can be incredibly powerful in a car accident case. They can show that one car is in their lane and the other car is not, the tread lines from a vehicle braking before the accident and where they came from, the weather at the time of the accident, and more. An attorney may use photographs taken at the accident scene to show the other driver was at fault for the accident.

Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitnesses can be a huge source of information for an attorney. They can discuss exactly what happened to cause the accident as well as what may have happened in the moments between the car accident. This can change the outcome of the investigation of the accident or can help the attorney prove their client was following all driving laws when they were hit by the other driver.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you should speak with an accident injury attorney in Milledgeville, GA for help obtaining the compensation you need. Take the time to speak with an attorney and offer the above information so they can see what they can do to help you get as much compensation as possible. Visit Eblawga.com now to learn more about evidence used after car accidents or to speak with a lawyer about your case.

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