Four Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring For Kitchens

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Homeowners who want to replace their current flooring material in their kitchen should consider purchasing Vinyl Flooring. This type of flooring material stands up to the heavy use and wear that’s common in kitchens. To learn more about this exceptional flooring material, read about the four benefits of vinyl below.


Compared to various other flooring materials such as hardwood or tile, vinyl is the most cost-effective option. Vinyl is also easier to install, and many handy homeowners choose to install the flooring themselves. If you do decide to hire a professional installer, the labor costs are also less expensive because it’s quick and simple to install.

Easy To Maintain

Not only is vinyl a good choice for kitchen floors, but it’s also the best type of flooring for a bathroom. Water that spills on the floor, which is common in these two rooms, won’t hurt this type of flooring material. Spills can be wiped up without any problems, and liquids are unable to penetrate the flooring material and ruin it. Vinyl is also resistant to stains, so your kitchen floor will look new for many years. Cleaning the floor doesn’t require any special cleaners, and homeowners can use a mild cleaner, water, and a mop to get their floors sparkling clean.


Even with heavy use and wear, a vinyl floor can last for several years. The highest quality vinyl flooring can last a homeowner at least 30 years. A homeowner can expect to get 10 years of use out of a lesser quality of vinyl. Higher quality vinyl lasts longer than lower quality vinyl because the wear layer is thicker.


Vinyl flooring material that’s made today is available in many attractive colors and designs. Some vinyl flooring companies manufacturer vinyl in planks so that it resembles hardwood floors. Other designs include vinyl that looks like stone, brick, or ceramic tile.

When you’re ready to change your kitchen flooring material, contact a professional company that sells and installs Vinyl Flooring. Carpet Discount Warehouse carries a huge selection of vinyl, carpeting, and custom rugs. Visit their website at to learn more about this company and their products. You can like them on Facebook.

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