Four Reasons to Become a Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation Member

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2022


The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation represents the interest of farmers. The federation assists farmers and rural communities in legislative duties, public relations, and leadership development. Members also qualify for many services designed to fit the needs of farmers, families, and businesses throughout Wisconsin.

Below are just a few benefits of becoming a Wisconsin Farm Bureau member.

AgriPlan Medical Reimbursement for Farmers

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau and TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) joined together to offer the AgriPlan insurance option, allowing farmers to declare medical expenses as a business expense instead of a personal deduction. Members of the Wisconsin Bureau also receive a 15% of the cost of their AgriPlan. Other deductibles include premium long-term care insurance, including dental and vision plans.

Members Protection Policy

Wisconsin Farm Bureau members are eligible for accidental death insurance of up to $2000 and $1000 for their spouses and any other household member. The policy does not increase in value or cover accidents on public roads or highways.

Reward Protection Program

Members of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau are encouraged to feature their membership stickers on properties through the Reward Protection Program. This program offers a $500 reward to people who provide information leading to the arrest of perpetrators who cause damage or arson on properties featuring the sticker.


The AgriVisor program offers Wisconsin Farm Bureau members a discount of up to 35% daily for animal feed. Members also receive advice on the current market price updates and input quotes.

These are just some of the benefits of joining the Farm Bureau Wisconsin. For more information about the bureau, visit Like & Follow us on Facebook.

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