Improve Your Life With Help From a Cosmetic Dentist in Greenville, WI

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The most common reason people visit the dentist is to care for diseased or damaged teeth. This is a great first step in oral care because tooth problems can lead to other health complications, including infections and even heart disease. However, as oral care has evolved, and people are becoming more concerned about the appearance of their smiles, they visit their dentist for cosmetic procedures. Some reasons for seeing a Cosmetic Dentist Greenville WI, include the use of dental veneers, teeth whitening and tooth alignment.

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains from the enamel of the teeth. A dentist will apply a solution of carbamide peroxide, typically a gel or paste, over the teeth. This solution interacts with water, which changes the peroxide solution into hydrogen peroxide. It is this chemical change that allows the peroxide to sink deep into the enamel and remove the stains. One benefit for using dental whitening from a cosmetic dentist over other methods is the strength of the whitening product. Most over the counter products have a small percentage of peroxide, usually six percent or less, but professional products can use stronger solutions for better effect.

Whenever your teeth are deeply stained, crooked, chipped or otherwise damaged, the best solution may be veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of covering material, usually porcelain, that is placed over the front teeth. Porcelain is preferred because it is a strong material which can handle the stress of biting and chewing. Today’s veneers are greatly improved over older methods because the thin shells don’t require much, if any, tooth removal. Older veneers were bulky products that required part of the tooth be ground away. Many dentists make use of computer designed veneers which give the patient a perfect smile. This is also an improvement over older veneers which tended to be too big for the mouth. This larger size often made older veneers very obvious.

Improving your smile can be crucial to self esteem. For most people the best way to handle this concern is to visit a Cosmetic Dentist Greenville WI such as Barnes & Associates Dentistry SC Appleton WI. To improve your smile quickly, contact an area dentist today.


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