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by | Aug 4, 2015 | Veterinary


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Pets have to keep their teeth and oral health in good condition like humans do. For animals, maintaining good health is more important than it is for humans. Most dogs and cats live outdoors and rummage through the rubble, constantly biting down on hard objects. Every owner should know which veterinary service is the most beneficial for a pet. When you visit the vet, you want a pet dental care service that maintains the optimal health of your pet’s teeth.

Dental Scaling

Dogs and cats need to go through regular cleanings like humans do. They may not brush their teeth often, but they still have to check up on their oral health. Some people do not think that scaling is beneficial for humans or animals. However, plaque forms on the surface of teeth and settles there, making it difficult to remove.

Dental scaling is necessary to clean the surface of teeth and remove bacteria immediately. The patients are given a fresh start that makes it easier to maintain their teeth in the long run. Without these plaque deposits, the teeth appear whiter and more presentable. A cosmetic procedure, such as crowns or veneers, is much easier to perform. Only a dental professional has the right instruments to carry out a scaling.


An X-ray is a pet dental care service that examines the inner workings of your pet’s system. Dental X-rays are machines that emit radiation and take images of a body’s internal organs. The electromagnetic waves pass through the body and create illuminated outlines of the internal parts.
With the help of X-rays, dentists spot uneven teeth, cavities, irregular tooth growth and tooth decay. Without the X-rays, they may find it impossible to spot the common problems that afflict teeth.

Dental Polishing

Dental polishing is not the same as whitening. For dogs, it is more beneficial than whitening because dogs get their teeth dirty very easily. After dentists scale the dog’s teeth, they polish them to improve the luster and appearance.

Tooth polish works like nail polish or wood cleaner. It prevents stains from forming on the tooth’s surface. The polish is a layer of protection against the elements of nature. The teeth are less likely to crack, chip or stain, so the teeth last longer, as well.

However, excessive polishing is detrimental to the dog’s health. Too much scrubbing and polishing will remove the enamel from the tooth’s surface. The teeth weaken if too many polishes are carried out.

The fact is that few pet owners know what their pets are doing at all hours of the day. You may be one of these owners. You have to ensure that your pet is getting the health services that he or she deserves.

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