Learning Injury Treatment at a Massage School in Arizona

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Sep, 2014


Sports massage is not just for athletes anymore, although we picture pre-game muscle warm ups, muscle tears, and tendon injuries only with athletes. However, many facilities and massage schools offer sports massages to non-athletes because of the many benefits that this specific modality of massage offers.

The sports massage, in truth, is just another form of Swedish massage, the traditional Western-style massage that incorporates a series of smooth, long strokes to increase circulation and release tension. However, the sports massage is different because of its usage.

Many athletes (and non-athletes) will seek out massages in one of four times:

  • Before physical activity to warm up the muscles and optimize physical performance (Pre-event)
  • After physical activity to return the body to stasis (Post-event)
  • Over the course of training, physical therapy, or conditioning (Restorative)
  • After a physical injury that caused muscle, tendon, or tissue damage (Rehabilitative)

You will learn many techniques at a massage school in Arizona, and this adaptation of the cornerstone Swedish massage will allow you to bring relief to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Non-Athletes That Need Sports Massage Treatment
The sports massage training at any massage school in Arizona is designed to specifically target the junctions of muscles and tendons. This makes it useful to non-athletes who have suffered from muscle injuries. People with the following conditions can benefit from the pain relief and improvement in motion as a result of a sports massage:

  • Knee pain or injury
  • Chronic back pain from work or labor
  • Neck and shoulder pain from overuse
  • Gym members about to start a work-out
  • Leg pain from constant walking
  • Pre-gaming for a volunteer walk
  • Shoulder injury from lifting

As with athletes, non-athletes can find a massage therapist for pre-event, post-event, rehabilitation, restorative sports massages to improve their performance in their daily activities.

Benefits for Sports Massage Students at a Massage School in Arizona

Benefit #1: Easy to Learn

Fortunately, sports massage is just an extension of the classic Swedish massage techniques that you will already be learning. You will not be struggling to learn new material, and instead, you will be honing in on the material you have already learned.

Benefit #2: Varied Post-Training Employment Options

The sports massage techniques you will learn can open the doors to employment at many places outside of massage centers and spas, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Benefit #3: Continuing Education Units

Every state requires some form of CEU for healthcare professionals, and massage therapists who study sports medicine can benefit from the wealth of knowledge as sports medicine continues to evolve. They will be able to simultaneously continue to work in their field via their certification renewal, while learning how to do their job better.

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