Oral Surgery for a Beautiful Smile

Posted By : admin , on May, 2019


A beautiful smile goes a long way in improving your confidence in the professional world and social interaction. A smile makeover can be done for a number of reasons. A crooked smile can be embarrassing, but can also lead to other oral problems, such as a misaligned bite. Crowns or veneers can help realign your bite and improve your smile. When teeth are chipped, cracked, discolored, or decaying, they are at risk for suffering further damage. Missing teeth can also compromise your oral and overall health. Oral Surgery may be a solution for you if you suffer from any of these dental problems. Dental centers like Westfield Oral Surgery perform procedures that will give you a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile, and a boost of confidence.

Dental implants are a solution for missing teeth due to an accident or periodontal disease. A titanium plate is inserted into your roots, which, over time, integrates itself into the bone. A porcelain tooth is then attached to the titanium plate for a natural look. The tooth can then be treated just like your own. Dental implants have several benefits over dentures. They are easy to clean, less bulky, and have better stabilization on the jawbone. Having dental implants makes it easier for you to chew, and decreases pain.

Crowns are useful if you have significant tooth decay or damage. Your dentist will remove that decay and shape the surface of the tooth. You will receive a temporary crown while the permanent one is being custom made for you. The crown will improve the strength and appearance of the tooth, preventing it from further damage. Veneers involve the removal of a thin layer from the front of your teeth. During that same visit, your dentist will create your veneers apply them to your teeth. These are beneficial to those with tooth discoloration and no significant damage. Lumineers are available for those who would prefer not to have their teeth reduced.

In addition to Oral Surgery, many cosmetic dentists offer other services for your oral health, including cleaning’s, extractions, fillings, night guards, mouth guards, and education to help you keep your mouth healthy. When you select an oral surgeon, make sure they offer emergency dental services if any issue arises. Many dentists accept private insurance, and any procedure that isn’t covered can be financed through Care Credit. Feel confident about your smile again and consider options for oral surgery. Click here for more information.

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