Protecting a Treasure With Antique Rug Restoration in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Antique rugs are much more than a basic floor covering. These home accessories were hand crafted and are carefully designed pieces of art. Most antique rugs that have survived enough years to still be in use in homes today are family heirlooms or valuable collectibles. Some people may feel the desire to throw out the rugs if they are frayed, have bare patches or the color has faded, but this is a mistake. Expert antique rug restoration in New York City is able to correct even the most severe problems and make the rug a beautiful asset once again.

It is always important to get the advice of an expert before making any changes to any antique rug. Repairs that are not done correctly could lower its value or make it less visually appealing. Even when the repairs are done perfectly, it could still have some influence on the value. However, if the rug is treasured because of who once owned it or its current value is negligible because of the extent of the damage, then owners should not hesitate to have the work completed. Repairing the rug will make it beautiful and usable once again. Of course, the most experienced restoration experts are often able to dramatically increase the value of the rugs they repair. This is why it is sensible for the owners to spend a little extra to have the work done correctly.

Repairs are possible for nearly any type of damage including mold or smoke and fire damage. When the work is done correctly, the repaired sections are indistinguishable from the rest of the rug. Expert Antique Rug Restoration in New York City is done with age-appropriate materials to perfectly match the existing fibers. The wool is hand dyed with natural products to match the current colors of the rug. All repairs are hand woven, so the original design is replicated exactly. All edges are secured, the fringe repaired and the rug cleaned, dried and pressed to ensure it is perfect before it is returned to the owner. Find more information here about caring for a restored rug as well as how to receive an estimate for a repair.

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