Reasons to Hire Disability Attorneys in Temecula, CA for Your Case

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2019


According to recent census numbers, about 12.6 percent of Americans live with a disability. This study showed that about 40 million people live with impairments within six different areas including walking, self-care, vision, hearing, cognition, and living independently.

This number doesn’t include people that may be living in nursing homes and institutions. If these people are included, the number of people who have disabilities would jump up to 18.7 percent. This total number doesn’t include those people that live with minor disabilities. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there are several reasons to hire one of the experienced Disability Attorneys in Temecula CA.

Initial Denials

A staggering 75% of disability claims are denied for various reasons. Many claimants will receive a letter stating that while there is evidence of a disability and the inability to do the type of work the claimant is accustomed to, there is some kind of gainful work that can be performed. While this doesn’t always make sense, there are options. 

The option to appeal the initial ruling should always be done with the assistance of Disability Attorneys in Temecula CA. They have the experience required to appeal, ask for a hearing, and represent you before a judge. The applicant doesn’t have to wait until the first denial to hire an attorney. The attorney can provide representation from the very beginning.

Familiarity with the System

An attorney that is experienced in the handling of disability claims knows exactly what the Social Security Administration is looking for when making decisions on claims. There needs a clear indication of impairment that keeps the claimant from being able to work. When a claimant fills out the initial application, the symptoms and illnesses are likely not explained in a medical or clinical manner. Too often, lay terms are not sufficient to express the degree of disability.

If you will be filing a claim for disability, contact the office of Eric R. Hunt Attorney for a free consultation for your case. You will not have to worry about payment because most disability lawyers work on contingency, which means they get paid once you’ve won your case. Give them a call today. You can connect us at Linkedin.

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