Services Provided by a Claims Adjuster in Queens NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


When the majority of people hear the term “claims adjuster”, they think of people who work for insurance companies to determine the extent of damages in the event of a claim. Those people are hired and trained by individual insurance companies. They work for the company, not for the policyholder. When policyholders want an advocate, someone knowledgeable to review policies, or someone to ensure maximum recovery in the event of damage, they hire an independent adjuster. It is a wise way to protect your own best interests, whether the property is residential or business.

An insurance company adjuster may make a mistake, exclude benefits within the policy, or neglect to take all aspects of the losses into consideration. The independent adjuster will be focused on reviewing the policy to determine every benefit to which the policyholder is entitled, including any and all losses, and aggressively representing the details of the claim. A Claims Adjuster in Queens NY can handle the entire claim from start to finish. That leaves the policyholder free to focus on rebuilding the property and moving forward from the disaster that resulted in the damage.

Experienced adjuster agencies offer free consultations to explain the process to clients, as well as discuss other essential services provided. A complete review of current policies can be completed and discussed with clients. Most people fail to read policies fully, which means they may think they are covered when they are not. An adjuster can review the policy and determine what exclusions, conditions, and endorsements apply.

Some policies may be null and void, if holders do not perform specified tasks. A business may not be covered for theft, for example, if the alarm systems is not tested quarterly. A business owner who cannot produce documentation of quarterly testing at the time of a claim may be entitled to zero coverage for losses. It is recommended that holders know every aspect of their policies.

Loss consulting, building estimates, rental loss projections, and business income analysis are also some services offered. Content inventory evaluations, claims management, and appraisals are also services provided by some adjusters. Most have access to experts, if they needed to substantiate a disputed claim or specific line item. Mitigation services, as well as negotiating with the insurance company to reach a settlement, are provided as well. Non-covered losses can be estimated and documented for tax purposes. Visit the website for more information.

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