Situations That Call for Help from One of the Roofing Companies in Leavenworth KS

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Roofing


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Residential roofs are designed to hold up well for many years. Through all sorts of weather and the occasional mishap, a sturdy roof will not fail. Even so, there are occasions that call for contacting one of the local Roofing Companies in Leavenworth KS and having a professional take care of an issue. Here are some situations that indicate the time to make that call is today.

Shingles in the Yard

The weather was rough last night, and the homeowner notices that there seems to be something scattered across the lawn. A closer examination reveals that the yard is littered with broken pieces of shingles. Sure enough, the wind last night was strong enough to dislodge and in some cases break several shingles. Before anything else is done, it makes sense to call one of the local Roofing Companies in Leavenworth KS and arrange for a contractor to check the roof. Along with replacing the broken shingles, the professional can inspect the rest of the roof and see if the weather caused any other kind of damage.

Mold in the Attic

While putting a few things in the attic, the homeowner notices that the air is a little musty. The rafters also seem to be coated with a thin layer of something that is slightly green. It does not take long to realize that the rafters are a little moist along with being covered with mold. Since the problem indicates some type of roof leak, the best move is to call a roofing professional and find out where the leak is located. Once it is repaired, it will be easy enough to get rid of the mold and prevent any further damage from occurring.

For homeowners who believe that something is not quite right with the roof, there is no need to wait. Visit the website today and arrange for a professional to inspect the roof. If some sort of issue is found, it will be easy enough to go over the options for repairs, including a discussion of the cost. Once the homeowner settles on a solution, the professional can make the necessary arrangements and ensure the roof is once again in top shape.

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