Skin Benefits From Waxing in Philadelphia

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Hair removal is one of the most frequent and common beauty routines women perform. Trying to keep skin smooth and hair-free is a constant battle and waxing is one of the options that helps to reduce the frequency it is needed. Convenience is important but skin health matters too. Using hair-removal methods that are safe for the skin is the only way to make certain the skin remains ready to reveal.

Reducing Body Hair

Women that use waxing in Philadelphia are often very happy with the final look of their skin. Waxing pulls the hair out at the root and damages the bulb over time. This sounds like bad news but the result of this damage is thinner and finer body hair. This means there is less hair to wax over time and fewer appointments may be needed to keep it under control.

Improving Skin Condition

Waxing does pose some of the same risks as shaving. These risks include ingrown hairs, potential skin irritation and a rash. A skilled technician and proper aftercare reduce the risk from waxing. Shaving takes places daily or weekly and the skin often does not have time to heal before it is irritated again. Waxing is only needed on a monthly basis and this gives the skin time to recover.

Preventing Skin IrritationNot scheduling appointments within three days of starting a menstrual cycle, staying out of the sun after waxing and applying a soothing cream or aloe gel every few hours over the waxed area will reduce any risk of skin sensitivity. Planning regularly schedule appointments for Waxing in Philadelphia makes certain the hair is at just the right length for the treatment and will reduce the stinging sensation, the redness and the irritation afterward. Most women discover that a wax session every four weeks is the best option for them.

Waxing is a fast and easy method for consistently smooth skin. It is not the best choice for every woman. Certain medical conditions and prescription medications cause higher levels of irritation and an increased risk of infection. Talk to the spa technician or a doctor about any current skin conditions or medical concerns before scheduling a waxing session. Contact us to learn all of the methods available, in addition to waxing, to help keep the skin beach ready.

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