Steps in Choosing Grave Markers in CT

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Shopping for a grave marker is one of the things that get many people off guard. This is because most people lack prior experience. This type of purchase requires patience so as to make the right decision. Here are the steps that can be followed to get grave markers in CT.

Think Of the Ideal Type

Grave markers in Connecticut exist in different categories and so having an idea of what one wants is helpful. There are upright grave markers, obelisk grave markers, and flat grave markers among others. Apart from the traditional designs, you could also get a grave marker to do a customized grave design. These can be personalized with either a photograph or an epitaph. The main guiding principle in the selection of the right type should be the uniqueness that one wants to achieve.

Material Selection

The most popular materials that are used to make durable grave markers are granite and bronze. Other than durability, granite and bronze are naturally beautiful and elegant materials. Using them is also cost-effective in comparison with other materials. Bronze is also sturdy, resistant to harsh climatic conditions and relatively easy to maintain. One can also opt for materials like iron, wood, sandstone, limestone, marble, fieldstone and concrete among others.

Complying With Cemetery Rules

Every cemetery has different rules and regulations that must be observed by anyone that wants to install grave markers in them. After identifying the cemetery that meets the set standards, approach their office and let them explain the color, type and size requirements.

Ordering of the Grave Marker

There are plenty of online memorial stores that can be consulted for the purchase of grave markers. This is a good source of high quality options at unbeatable rates. Bear in mind the modes of payment, delivery system, warranties and the reputation that the company has.

Installation Process

Majority of the cemeteries offer installation services and one can opt to pay a small. There are varieties of fees charged for maintenance and perpetual care. Where the cemetery chosen does not provide installation services, a monument installer in the specific locality will be ideal for the job.

Getting your preferred grave marker should not be difficult. Ensure you engage the services of professionals who understand it. Contact Shelley Brothers Monuments for more about grave markers. From them, you can buy a marker that meets all the standards and which satisfies your personal preferences.

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