The Advantages of Vibration Analysis in Dallas as Preventive Maintenance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Vibration Analysis in Dallas is a preventive strategy that allows factory owners and plant managers to determine when machinery is beginning to malfunction. Adjustments, repairs and replacement can be done before the equipment fails, causing downtime and additional expense. In the manufacturing industry, addressing malfunction after it occurs is sometimes called reactive maintenance. Another method used by manufacturing plants to prevent breakdowns involves regular maintenance that is done according to a schedule.

The trouble with this method is that replacement of parts occurs whether that replacement is necessary or not, leading to unwarranted expenses. In contrast, vibration analysis in Dallas makes sure that maintenance is performed at the most optimum time. The devices detect increases in vibration at early stages that would otherwise not be noticed until more wear and tear has occurred. Routine monitoring of the condition of machinery is more cost-effective. It is considered predictive maintenance in contrast to reactive or regular maintenance.

Devices from a company such as Laser Precision monitor and record machine vibrations using various types of sensors. The sensors are attached to appropriate parts of the machinery to be checked. Computer software analyzes the data and identifies changes and trends toward an increase in unwanted movement. A certain amount of vibration always occurs, but it increases as the machinery ages and components experience more wear. Not only does the increasing vibration indicate problems are developing, but the excess movement gradually causes more damage.

Vibration analysis is typically used for machinery with rotating components. That can include paper machinery, screen weaving equipment, food mixers, extruders, pumps and many others. The features of the analysis devices vary depending on the models chosen by the plant owner or manager. Some have alarms, for example, that alert workers to shut the machinery off if it is showing signs of being defective. Some monitor the temperature as well as the vibration, as temperature changes are another sign of potential problems. Customers can generally expect the monitoring to continue at all times the machinery is running instead of just intermittently. Detecting malfunction promptly is one of the main selling points of vibration analysis equipment.

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