The Benefits of Foot massage in Oahu, HI

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2018


Whether one is a resident or is visiting the island, they should make it a point to treat themselves to a Foot massage in Oahu HI. This short guide will tout the benefits of this popular treatment.

Reduce Stress

Foot massage is also known as reflexology. This type of treatment involves applying direct pressure to specific areas of the foot with the goal of easing aches and pains. The human body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. When this hormone is elevated, people may feel symptoms such as anxiety. After a Foot massage in Oahu HI, cortisol levels can be dramatically reduced. For the massage recipient, this can not only reduce their anxiety but also their blood pressure.

Improves Circulation

For many people, poor circulation in the feet can contribute to mobility problems. These can range from swelling to difficulty walking. Regular foot massage helps keep the blood flowing freely throughout the feet. Besides circulation, the immune system can be improved on and strengthened as well.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Those who get foot massages may notice they start to get more restful sleep. Stress and tension in one’s body can be released as the feet are stroked and manipulated, creating a restful feeling that promotes better sleep. There are nearly 15,000 nerves in the feet alone, which is one reason foot massage is so relaxing, calming, and effective.

Deal with a Full-Service Spa

Perhaps someone wants a different part of their body worked on. They want to visit a massage therapist that can also offer Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, or Thai yoga massage. Some of Oahu’s better facilities also offer hot stone treatments. This adds warmth to tight or strained muscles and, besides feeling good, can help to loosen the tightest of muscles.

Be Pampered By An Island Leader

Those who want to feel rejuvenated and relaxed need to visit Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage. There, they will be put in the hands of some of the best masseuses and therapists in Oahu. They can also ask about receiving a Lomilomi massage. This type of massage uses sweeping arm movements while the elbow and forearm are used in conjunction with direct fingertip pressure. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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