The Benefits of Using Structural Steel In Los Angeles

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


For many municipal, commercial and industrial fabrication needs, as well as for infrastructure and new construction, structural steel is the material of choice. In Los Angeles, as well as in cities across the state, steel construction continues to grow.

There are many benefits to using structural steel over other building materials. Most top contractors on both large and small building projects now consider this material the optimal choice with increases in steel’s market share increasing by 70% for multi-level commercial buildings in the last two decades.

Strength to Weight

While there is no doubt that structural steel is not a lightweight material, it has one of the top strength to weight comparison for materials suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

The metal is resistant to stress, fracturing and also never varies in its size and shape after production. Unlike wood or other materials, it won’t shrink and it as negligible expansion and creeping at typical environmental temperatures.

Speed of Building

As all the structural steel components for any buildings or fabrication can be cut, drilled, and prepared for installation prior to shipping to the work site, the actual construction timeline of the structure can be completed very rapidly.

With no variation in the material at all, which is common with wood construction and other materials, there is no need to make adjustments at the time of construction, eliminating the last minute issues that create delays. In busy urban areas throughout Los Angeles, this is a critical consideration.

Durability and Lifespan

With structural steel, the lifespan of the building can be extended well beyond what could be expected with any other type of construction material. Steel will not rot, and there is no concern with insects and other types of potentially damaging issues over time.

With the use of a structural steel frame, additions to a building in the future are also much easier to complete. With the steel framing and support additional levels, or adding on to increase the size of the building by expansion on the ground floor, is straightforward and simple, reducing the overall cost of these expansions in any direction.

Comparing the benefits of structural steel with the cost of construction using other materials will only add to the list of benefits. Large and small construction programs in all major cities, including Los Angeles, are now more likely to be steel than ever before, and this trend will only continue.

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