The Key to Successfully Choosing Amongst the Many Swimming Pool Contractors in Bradenton, Florida

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


If you live in Florida, chances are you either have a swimming pool in your back yard or you are thinking of getting one. When this is the case, you’ll discover there are numerous Swimming Pool Contractors in Bradenton FL to choose from. How do you go about determining which is best for your particular needs? Your decision should be based primarily on one factor, references. References give you a great deal of information about a contractor that you can’t find elsewhere. How should you go about asking for references and what should you look for when you obtain them?

When Swimming Pool Contractors in Bradenton FL come to your home to provide a quote, ask how many pools they have installed in the prior 12 month period. Once they provide this information, next ask for a list of those names so you can contact the homeowners to ask about their experience. Often, contractors claim to not be able to provide this list for privacy reasons, yet very rarely will a client state their name cannot be used when a good job has been done.

In addition, you learn a lot by the number of names on the list. If the contractor states he or she installed 26 pools over the past 12 months and you are only give 13 names, this implies he or she only has a 50 percent satisfaction rate. Do you want to be in the 50 percent that isn’t happy? You’ll want to keep looking to find a contractor who will do the job right. Just remember, there will always be people who aren’t satisfied. The key here is to determine what percentage rate you are comfortable with when it comes to references.

Many in Bradenton, Florida turn to Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas when they wish to have a pool installed or remodeled. The company specializes in improving the look of not only pools, but also driveways and decks. They provide a free estimate for all jobs, offer custom solutions, and guarantee quality work. For this reason, they remain the company to turn to for all of your pool, spa, deck and driveway needs.

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