Three Construction Materials That Complicate Debris Removal In Austin TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


One of the most challenging parts of managing the operations of a construction site is ensuring that any trash and debris is removed according to local regulations. Standard goods are usually easy to dispose of, but a majority of the materials leftover are considered toxic and must be either recycled or thrown away using a pre-approved process. Many contractors choose to hire a refuse service to help ease the process of debris removal in Austin, TX and ensure they do not violate any local or federal disposal codes.

Paint and Stain

The most complicated items to dispose of properly is paint and stain, and while they are not toxic when used correctly, if they end up in a landfill they may threaten the safety of waterways and contaminate the soil below. A company that removes debris will ensure that any paint products are removed and disposed of according to code which will prevent them from harming the environment.

Metal Appliances

If a project involves remodeling, then it is likely that there will be a variety of appliances that will be left behind. Even though the devices are recyclable, it is essential to discharge them of any harmful substances, such as compressed gas, before disposing of them. A company that performs debris removal in Austin, TX will have the knowledge and tools to ensure any appliances are safely processed and that any issues related to environmental hazards are minimized.

Fill Dirt

In most cases, a construction company will need to remove a vast amount of dirt to make room for the building being constructed. The leftover fill dirt is often a hassle to deal with, as it must be placed in an area where it will not lead to landslides or runoff problems. A refuse removal company will take any fill dirt and ensure it is spread in a field where there is no risk of environmental threats.

Don’t make the job of disposing of construction debris more complicated than necessary. The team at Loftin Trucking and Materials offers customized refuse services and will help keep a construction site clean and free of safety hazards. Visit to learn more and simplify the task of removing waste once and for all.

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