Tips for Home Dental Care in Salisbury, NC

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2019


Most readers know that they’re supposed to be brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing regularly, but few realize that there’s far more they could be doing to keep their teeth healthy. Don’t just aim for the bare minimum. Instead, check out these tips for superior home dental care in Salisbury NC to keep those pearly whites looking bright and beautiful.

Drink Tons of Water

Everyone has also heard at some point in their lives that they’re supposed to be drinking eight glasses of water a day, yet few modern Americans follow this sage advice. Most dentists don’t necessarily recommend a particular amount of water. They just want their patients to know that staying hydrated is important for maintaining good dental health as well as overall physical health.

Avoid Sugar

Consuming sugary foods and drinks all day long will lead to increased plaque build-up because it feeds the bacteria that cause plaque. Dentists know that their patients aren’t going to cut sugar out of their diets completely, but even cutting back can make a difference. Any time readers do give in to that sweet tooth they should make a point of brushing their teeth immediately afterward to deprive any bacteria that are present of that potential food source.

Get Plenty of Calcium

Getting adequate calcium is essential for bone health, but it’s also an essential part of any comprehensive dental care routine. Calcium can be found in high concentrations in many dairy products and nuts. Keep in mind that the body needs plenty of Vitamin D in order to absorb calcium, as well, and try to either spend plenty of time in the sun or at least take supplements as needed.

Don’t Skip Cleanings

Maintaining a conscientious routine for home dental care in Salisbury NC can only get readers so far if they don’t attend their routine cleanings. These should be scheduled at least twice a year and should never be neglected, as any dental problems that are present will only get worse with time. Visit to schedule an appointment for an exam and a cleaning today to stay on top of this essential step in ensuring ongoing dental health.

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