Tips on Area Rug Cleaning in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Most people would be shocked to learn how much dirt their vacuums are missing. The most effective way to vacuum is to make several passes in high-traffic areas such as just inside entrance doors and hallways, giving these areas, at least, eight to twelve passes alone. Caring for area rugs is the same as for wall-to-wall carpeting, but on occasion may require Area Rug Cleaning in New York City for the best results.

When caring for area rugs be sure to vacuum frequently. Vacuum both sides if it is reversible. This helps to remove grit and grime that causes the rug to wear out prematurely. Do not vacuum the fringe of a rug is present. Pet hair can get stuck in the rug and wiping the rug with a stiff brush in the direction of the nap will loosen it.

Woven or braided area rugs should have the label read for washing instructions. Examine for loose weaves, stitching, or fringe. Small area rugs should be placed inside a pillowcase with a zipper or mesh laundry bag. Wash on a cool water gentle cycle making sure it is thoroughly rinsed. If possible, hang outside to dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting. If too large for a washing machine, then spread an old bed sheet or blanket on a cement or vinyl floor and lay the area rug on top. Soak with a commercial cleaning foam cleanser and massage into the rug according to the directions. Rinse completely.

Oriental, hand-knotted, antique, or handmade rugs -; These can be vacuumed as any other rug or carpet using care around the fringe. The fringe can be protected from the vacuum by placing tape or a nylon screen over it. It is highly recommended that these type of rugs have a professional area rug cleaning in New York City performed yearly.

Area rugs should be rotated every few months as exposure to sunlight and foot traffic takes a toll on them. Turning them significantly lengthens their lifespan. Shake area rugs well before vacuuming and also often in between vacuums. Sometimes hanging them from a clothesline and beating them with a broom is necessary to remove dirt.

If you are not confident on how to clean an area rug contact The Golden Horn for recommendations. Certain rug types require special care in cleaning. When it comes to removing stains, the same rules apply to rugs as do carpets.

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