Well Care Is Very Important For The Overall Health Of Your Child

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


After the birth of a baby, one of the first decisions to be made is choosing a doctor for the child. A child’s doctor follows their progress and recognizes any developing problems. It’s important for the child’s future health and well-being.

The Difference Between a Family Doctor and a Pediatrician

Both family doctors and pediatricians treat children, but pediatricians treat only children and teens. After four years of medical school, a board-certified pediatrician has an additional three years of specialized education in caring for those under 21. A family doctor treats all members of the family, which can provide further insight into a child’s medical issues. Choose the Children’s Doctor in Wichita Kansas who is best for your family.

What to Expect from Your Child’s Doctor

Your child’s doctor is important for the following reasons:

  *      Tracking the health and development of the child as he or she grows;

  *      Diagnosing and treating both minor and more serious illnesses;

  *      Answering questions and providing information, one of the most important benefits provided by your Children’s Doctor in Wichita Kansas;

  *      Knowing when it’s necessary to refer the child for specialized care or services.

Well Child Care

Infants normally see their doctor for well-child visits several times during their first year, two or three times during the second year and then at least once a year thereafter. The doctor will normally address these issues:

  *      The child’s height and weight;

  *      Perform a physical exam, including looking at the child’s eyes and ears and checking the heart;

  *      Keep the child up-to-date with vaccinations;

  *      Nutrition and the child’s eating habits;

  *      Milestones in the child’s life, such as walking or toilet training;

  *      The child’s social and emotional development, such as language skills or learning problems;

Making the Most of Your Visit to the Doctor

  *      Bring a list of any concerns so they can be discussed with your doctor

  *      Write down any symptoms that the child is having.

  *      Bring a list of all medications, including supplements, and the child’s immunization record.

  *      Talk to the child ahead of time about the visit so they know what to expect.

The doctors at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists – Family Medical Clinic offer Well Child Care as well as treatment and management of health problems for the entire family. Click here to contact them and learn more about the services that they offer. Your family’s health is their main priority.

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