What to consider when using a handbag to carry your firearm

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Gun control has become a hotly discussed topic at the moment, but the bottom line is that it’s legal to carry a weapon and, for many women, being protected and having a feeling of safety is vitally important. For those women who own a gun and wish to carry it with them, owning a few concealed carry handbags is most useful. Men tend to wear jackets and are able to hide a holster on their bodies, while women’s clothing is not always ideal for this. The obvious solution is to employ a carry handbag that keeps your gun close, but also keeps it concealed. The point is that if you own a gun, you are likely to want to keep it close. Also, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, every second counts, so being able to access your gun as quickly as possible will make all the difference in your ability to protect yourself. A properly designed carry handbag will greatly facilitate this.

Points to consider

As with a holster, it is always recommended that a gun be positioned near the middle of your body, for the clear reason that this makes it easiest to access. The object of carrying a gun is for protection, so being able to reach it quickly in an emergency is essential. One of the greatest dangers that has been exposed with carrying a gun is losing control of it and then having it used against you. Thus, even if you are using concealed carry handbags you will need to ensure that you have adequate practice of drawing the weapon, so that the purpose of having a specifically designed purse is not wasted.

In some situations, when time is truly of the essence, you will not be able to draw your gun but will be required to shoot through the outer casing of the handbag. In this situation, it’s really important to ensure that your handbag has been properly designed. Some guns need to cycle and to load a round, and they can jam if not properly handled. You may thus need to consult with a gun expert to ensure that the handbag you select is safe for the weapon that you’re carrying.

Others issues that you should pay attention to

Some women lose their wallets, their sunglasses, and their credit cards on a regular basis; others have been known to put down their handbags and forget that they brought them. This can happen when shopping, as your hands could be full of bags and you might not notice that your handbag is missing. If you have been known to be forgetful, you should be aware that it might be safer to use a holster than a carry handbag. Discipline is also vitally important. If you buy a custom-made carry handbag, there will be a holster built into the bag and you need to be meticulous about keeping your gun in this holster and not lying loose because you left the house in a hurry. Not taking every precaution is what can lead to accidents. Even more important is to consider who might have access to your handbag. If you have children in the car with you, you need to be aware that they might reach into your purse and, again, safeguards need to be taken.

A concealed carry handbag is an excellent way of ensuring that you keep your gun close to your body for protection. You can consult the e-BestChoice website for an extensive range of these handbags for sale.

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